"The amount of help that i received from HOHSH during prom season was a remarkable experience. They stepped in and took a tremendous load off of me during my senior year. From college deadlines to high school graduation, prom was the last thing on my mind. I received help with my prom dress and hair. One of the sponsers (Ms Roane) even did one of my friend's hair within the 30 minutes that we had while we were getting ready. After the night was over, they even treated me and my friends out to dinner. I honestly appreciate the help I received from the foundation and hope that they will continue to help young people in the same situations."


    HOHSH Precious Memoments program was established to contribute in making all children major milestones in life special. Currently we are celebrating the following milestones:


    8th Grade Dance

    Sweet 16


    18th Birthday

    Senior Year Activities (Senior Trip, etc.)


    College Move-In (School\Dorm Room Supplies)


    HOHSH is currently accepting both sponsers for these milestones and youth applications needing sponsorship.


    Please reachout with any questions you may have.

    "Hearts of hope Safe Haven help me with my senior year such as; prom and graduation. They were a really big support system for me during my most stressful times of the year. Ms. Roane and her team was like a Mentor to me when I was struggling with school, family and friends. HOHSH really open my eyes to the possibility for my future, which I will always be grateful for. They help with college and making sure I was comfortable where I stay with being away from home. I don’t think I would be in my second year of college if it wasn't for the Hearts of Hope Safe Haven. I hope more people will gain the wisdom and help that HOHSH gave me."

    Full Name  
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    Guardian Phone Number  
    What Precious Moment are you celebrating  
    Please list your precious moment here if it is not in the list.  

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    • Grades 8th - 12th
    • Ages 12-18 years old
    • Submit an essay to info@hohsafehaven.com about why you should be sponsored
    • Have an interview with a member for the HOHSH team
    • 3 guidance\mentor meetings before your event
    • Must attent atleast 1 workshop before your event